Friday, November 4, 2011

DIY Home Electricity Audit Spreadsheet

Yes we have done all the hard work for you with this DIY Home Electricity Audit Spreadsheet.

Spending a considerable amount of time to get it right. It certainly speeds up the time of performing your home energy audit. Where you will have access to the data quickly, so you can gain a better understanding of your home’s electricity usage.

This Home Electricity Audit Software is professional in every way, designed primarily for you to gain the upper hand on rising electricity costs.

All you have to do is enter the following data:

  • Room, appliance & number of appliances
  • Appliance watt rating
  • Hours used
  • Hours on standby

As data is entered the software reports in realtime, the following information for each appliance:

  • kWhs used per day, week, month, quarter, year
  • Cost per day, week, month , quarter, year

This popular spreadsheet is bundled with one of our portable LCD Energy Monitors into a DIY HOME ENERGY AUDIT allowing you to speed up the process. 

Take a look at our DIY HOME ENERGY AUDIT page! 

The five components of this great Electricity Busting System are:

  • Instructions : Designed to make your DIY Power Audit as easy as a walk around your home
  • Forms : Quick recording of appliance usage, costs and standby power calculations all increasing power rating awareness
  • Spreadsheet : To automate the above power calculations and project cost / kWh forecasts for periods of the year
  • LCD Energy Monitor : Portable allowing for increased realtime awareness of your homes appliances usage and costs
  • Power Monitoring Software : Easily see costs, usage and compare electricity tariff types to further save. We give this PC / MAC software the thumbs up for being the best on the market 

The DIY Energy Audit Spreadsheet is available in Open Office format [.ods] & Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP [xls] format created by Open Office. To download your copy visit DIY HOME ELECTRICITY AUDIT SPREADSHEET.

This blog post updated October 2016. Brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION SERVICE industry in Australia.

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