Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Australian Electricity Supplier, Saves Homes $300 Over 3 Years

There seems to be a lot of adverts currently, for reduced electricity costs. Such as this one, aired on television last week. "Save $300 Off Your Electricity Costs, Over 3 Years".

Adverts such as this, along with a team of door knocking electricity provider's foot patrols, seem to be on every corner, of every street! Offering householders, supposedly great offers to help them save on electricity costs. And of course all too easy, when you change electricity provider.

Now whilst saving on electricity costs, is a good idea for all, is it the best way for the householder to save? Of course it is a great way for the electricity supplier, to increase market share, with the kickback being to the householder, a price reduction. But one thing it is NOT, is the best way for the householder to save on electricity costs. And what will some of those householders do, when they have switched providers? Well, assume they cannot do anything else!

The best way to save on electricity costs, is to follow the proven process of,

  • Becoming aware of how you are charged for electricity, and have a full understanding of the bill
  • Being aware of your electricity usage
  • Being aware of where you are using electricity
  • Learning how to reduce the electricity usage
  • Having a feedback system, to keep you on track

Failing with this proven common sense process, means you will carry on being, just a BILL PAYER!

Looking at the offer in more detail, $300 over 3 years equates to only $25, per quarterly bill! For most homes, that is not really a saving of great magnitude.

From experience we would say most homes, with a bill over $500 per quarter, could easily save at least $50 per quarter. So if your a home, with a quarterly bill of $750, $1000 or $1500 plus, imagine what you could be saving?

We would argue, all Aussie homes need to save far more than $25 per bill! It is not just the action of savings here, but energy reduction. These offers of reduced electricity costs, do nothing  to assist Aussie homes with home energy reduction. We need to slash energy waste, as we are very wasteful. Wasteful because we're, none the wiser. What Australia needs to become, is a nation that reduces it's home energy usage on mass. This will not happen though with a $25 per bill saving, but through a process that involves :


Of course, that is what Aussie Home Energy offers all of their Home Electricity Audit clients with. And who knows, how much you could save over time, with that kind of an insight.

So what does the householder choosing the $300 offer get? Well exactly $25 off the bill, every quarter, for three years. But nothing more! 


Simply put, the householder remains, a BILL PAYER!

Ask yourself, what would you rather be? Our clients would tell anyone, it 100% makes sense, to become an educated electricity user.

By doing this, you will not just move on from being a bill payer, but become fully aware of,

  • What uses electricity in your home and why
  • When the most & least electricity is being used
  • What the cheapest rates for electricity are, at various times of day
  • How to reduce your electricity usage and costs further
  • Smart shopping, when looking for new electrical appliances

The problem with adverts for switching electricity providers, when marketed solely as electricity savings, is that they simply keep householders in the loop of, BILL PAYER MODE ONLY! Householders who, are still not aware of home electricity reduction options. Options that could save them far more than $25 per quarterly bill.

Interestingly if you do the homework on some of these offers, you may find you are going to be charged exit fees, when you decide to change back to your previous provider. Exit fees of course, for breaking that three year contract. Fees that in some cases are so steep, most of your savings up to that date, will be gone in a flash!

So what makes sense here, is the fact that the best way to save, is to become educated on electricity usage and costs. Of course the electricity provider, would like you to remain just a bill payer.

So is it not time for you to start your Home Electricity Reduction Program?

This blog post and podcast brought to you by Aussie Home Energy, a major player in the HOME ELECTRICITY REDUCTION SERVICE industry in Australia.

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