Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is Solar Photovoltaic A Good Form Of Investment?

Two questions we are often asked by householders are:

Is Solar Photovoltaic A Good Form Of Investment?
Will It Really Save Me Money Off My Electricity Costs?

No doubt like many householders connecting a Solar Photovoltaic [PV] system to the grid, you have spent considerable time looking into the efficiency of solar panels and inverters. Finalising your choice based on a mixture of efficiency, cost, warranties and installation time.

  • So how long is your solar pv system going to take to pay off?
  • Are there any other ways you could increase the overall efficiency of the investment?
  • When will you start paying off electricity costs?

With the recent change in NSW to a gross feed tariff of $0.20 cents, we have done a few calculations. If you are thinking of going solar photovoltaic then you really need to read this report first. Read the full report on our GUIDES page.

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